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UK ISP Vispa "blocking Peer-to-Peer"

An employee of UK ISP Vispa has posted a reply on a forum confirming that they have put a "semi ... block on some P2P networks while we conduct some research". This seems to include BitTorrent traffic.

He goes on to say: "due to possible heavy legal action against vispa.... we are looking at a possible reverse solution to this problem. Blocking by default, and then if a user wishes to use P2P, then have to request access. This will, via some sort of legal agreement that takes to legal stance off Vispa and places any wrong-doings directly on the End User. Of course we will explain all the risks etc at this point. We believe this is the safe solution for all parties.."

Whilst these sort of blocks are commonplace for US ISPs this seems to be a break from the norm' in the UK. It will be interesting to see if this a trend other UK ISP's follow or whether this is just an over-reaction by Vispa.

Full thread can be read @ ISPReview.co.uk
Also @ Vispa.com


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