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BitTorrent threat to movies

"A radical new technology threatens to do to Hollywood what Napster did to the music industry.

It's called BitTorrent and is much faster than other file-swapping software used to exchange movies and music over the Internet. In fact, BitTorrent can transfer a feature-length film in about two hours -- a fraction of the 12 hours it typically takes with file-sharing services like Kazaa. What's more, the speed of the download actually increases with the number of people sharing a particular file."

Read more @ kentucky.com


Suprnova blocking Third Party Websites.

"For those who utilize BitTorrent sites such as Torrents.us.to to access SuprNova.org's database, as of today this will no longer be possible.

After selecting a torrent link, you will notice an advisory page stating that SuprNova no longer allows third party access. In addition, third party clients such as GoSuprNova will also no longer function."

Read more @ addict3d.org


Canada discovers BitTorrent

Looks like Canada.com has discovered BitTorrent.

"At first glance, Bittorrent looks like more of the same -- yet another program that helps you share files on line.

Bittorrent, meet eDonkey, Limewire, Morpheus, Grokster, Bearshare ...

But wait a minute. There's something kind of different here. It has to do with the way the program exchanges files."

Welcome to the party!

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P2P Scam Sites

"Scam sites have become a cancer in the file sharing community. With even the top P2P portals guilty of hosting their Google-ad traps, avoiding them has become as essential a skill as taking precautions against lawsuits and evading viruses."

In a nice twist the GoogleAds bar next to the article is running adverts for the same "scam" sites that the article discusses.

Read more @ slyck.com


Empornium.us reopening sign-ups

Empornium is going to be reopening pubilc sign-ups on Tuesday (7th September).

The website, which is dedicated to adult themed torrents, has been invitation only for several months. The reopening is due to people selling their invites.

Read more @ Forums.empornium.us

File sharing remains widespread

"New networks such as EDonkey, BitTorrent and Gnutella make it harder for the music industry to detect libraries of music files on a computer"

Read the rest @ Washingtontimes.com


Suprnova still down

Suprnova.org still appears to be having problems. Here are a few alternitives:

Project-2501.net - Suprnova Lite Mirror
Search.suprnova.org - Suprnova Search Page
Gosuprnova.com - A client with built in search function

Update: Suprnova seems to be working now. Please use this link: Suprnova.org

Burst V3 stable released

A new stable version of BitTorrent client Burst has been released. Version 3.1.0b is now available for download from the Burst homepage and comes with several new features including a queueing system.

Read the rest @ krypt.dyndns.org

EuroGamer Running Demo, Patch and Game Movie Torrent Service

"Eurofiles is a service from Eurogamer which is designed to make the latest demos, patches and game movies available for you to download - for free. It uses a special client (BitTorrent) which ensures that when demand for a file is highest - in other words, when it's just been released - it'll actually download fastest. No more monthly subscription fees, slow download speeds or waiting in queues for download slots to become free!"

Read the rest @ Eurogamer.net


UK ISP Vispa "blocking Peer-to-Peer"

An employee of UK ISP Vispa has posted a reply on a forum confirming that they have put a "semi ... block on some P2P networks while we conduct some research". This seems to include BitTorrent traffic.

He goes on to say: "due to possible heavy legal action against vispa.... we are looking at a possible reverse solution to this problem. Blocking by default, and then if a user wishes to use P2P, then have to request access. This will, via some sort of legal agreement that takes to legal stance off Vispa and places any wrong-doings directly on the End User. Of course we will explain all the risks etc at this point. We believe this is the safe solution for all parties.."

Whilst these sort of blocks are commonplace for US ISPs this seems to be a break from the norm' in the UK. It will be interesting to see if this a trend other UK ISP's follow or whether this is just an over-reaction by Vispa.

Full thread can be read @ ISPReview.co.uk
Also @ Vispa.com

BitTorrent revolutionizes file sharing

"...BitTorrent, one of the most secure and decentralized networks available for file sharing. Created and developed over two years by Bram Cohen, it's the ultimate file-sharing tool. BitTorrent is not easy to master and learn, but if you can get it figured out, the goods far outweigh the hour or two spent learning it."

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Universities watch out for torrent of users

"Who says students don't learn anything over the summer?

Chances are quite a few of them attended the new school of file sharing. They learned all about BitTorrent, and how it's easy to download full movies, CDs, video games and software.

But the University of Akron and Kent State University are prepared."

Read the rest of this article @ Ohio.com

Canadian ISP warns Bit Torrent users

"It seems that Cogeco, a Canadian ISP has begun sending its users warnings about their activities on P2P networks. The strange fact is, the warnings appear to be under DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act)laws, which are U.S. laws, not Canadian laws. The BT tracker that seems to be gaining attention is the Swedish suprnova.org tracker. The emails also encourage the ISP's to limit users from accessing suprnova.org."

Read the rest of this article @ Afterdawn.com


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